Exhibition : Water

Water Agua Eau

Exhibition in Argentina, city of Parana for the EntreVerArte Festival 2016.

Thoughts about water.                                           Agua.

We dig you out                                                        Te sacamos
we steal you                                                              te robamos
we decide of your value                                         hacemos fluctuar tu valor
we upset you                                                            te alteramos
we despise you                                                        te despreciamos
we contaminate you                                               te contaminamos
we forget you.                                                          te olvidamos.
Sometimes,                                                               A veces,
from the sky,                                                            desde el cielo, 
like tears,                                                                  como un llanto,
you flood.                                                                  inundas.
You dry,                                                                     Te secas,
as well                                                                        también
 you overflow,                                                          desbordas,
or disappear.                                                           o desapareces.

Water, I beg your pardon.                                   Agua te pido perdón.
Without you, there’s no being.                           Sin vos, no ser o estar.

 Thank you Water.                                                Gracias Agua.